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VCM AgripoweR

Longer-term productivity, Made in Italy quality

The VCM AgripoweR subsoiler benefits from the many years of experience of VCM – Veneta Meccanica Costruzioni in the design and construction of third party agricultural equipment.

Conceived without compromise in terms of design quality and choice of materials, VCM paddles are aimed at operators looking for a reliable and efficient tool to improve land profitability.


The advantages associated with using theVCM AgripoweR  depth subsoiler are many, especially with regard to long-term benefits.

The deep cracking of the soil (from 40 to 75 centimeters) improves its drainage capacity, reducing surface water accumulation.

The subsoiler also plays an important role in improving any soil abnormalities, such as extremely complex areas that are deleterious for proper plant rooting.

In this sense, the greater ease for the root to reach the deeper layers helps the plant during the stages of prolonged drought.

This does not adversely affect fertility, since deep seaming does not alter the structure of the layers but improves the symbiosis.

The proper working of the surface bands is mandated by a double sprocket roller, whose action prepares the ground for subsequent finishing operations incorporating the crop residues in the first 20 centimeters of soil and reducing the ploughs.


VCM AgripoweR builds subsoilers suitable for tractors of all power (70-400 hp) capable of exploiting its features while ensuring a high productivity per hour.

Robust construction is synonymous with increased useful life thanks to a dashboard system designed to distribute effort on the entire structure.

The use of Swedish steel of the highest quality, obtained directly from mineral processing and not from waste, translates into an exceptional overall reliability of the machine. Made, as always in VCM, in the most genuine respect of “Made in Italy“.

Particular attention has been paid to the tip test, stressed element of the structure as well as protagonist of the correct functioning of the digester. From the design point of view, the shape reflects the ideal working profile to obtain the finest results on the ground, while the material chosen is Hardox anti-wear steel of the Swedish SSAB group, leader in the field.

The advantages of this option are a lesser weight with the same resistance as well as high hardness, which results in less maintenance costs for the end user.

Their replacement is easy and fast, without requiring special tools.

For safety reasons, theVCM AgripoweR prevents machine and tractor from over-stressing damage through a calibrated cutter bolt system that allows tipping over when maximum resistance is exceeded.


VCM – Veneta Costruzioni Meccaniche, thanks to its flexibility, is able to meet particular needs, designing and making changes to the basic structure of each of its products.

Customizations in terms of material, dimensions or structure must be agreed directly with VCM or with the area distributor and will be evaluated by the technical department as soon as possible.