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VCM metalwork

The metalworking, for the VCM, has given boost to the design of high-tech products. We assist our customers from conception to production of metal products for light and heavy stuffs. The company has highly professional precision machine for the processing of metals such as:

  • Cutting Plasma HD 6m x 2m
  • Laser cutting 4m x 2m fully automated
  • Forming presses from 200 tons to 4 meters in length
  • 5 welding cells

VCM metalwork is growing and expanding its capabilities and partnerships with other companies in the industry, allow it to dispose of machinery for the processing of metallic materials such as iron, stainless steel or carbon steel. The team of accomplishment!VCM metalwork has the best professionals who give their contribution today thanks to their preparation in the world of mechanical and metal processing, the plant has two teams of specialized operators in the fold, rather than in MIG, TIG, MAG and electrode and for the very important task of polishing and finishing. We also have a laboratory for Baked Enalmel of components and machinery. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or visit us!

The importance of the engineering!

VCM metalwork designs and engineers products using the best technology that the market offers. Solid Edge for example, is software that allows the design of three-dimensional objects to which you can assign dynamic properties and various parameters. This essential tool allows you to design without worrying about software features focusing only on the objective. In this environment you can also perform real simulations of the use of equipment designed, allowing it to monitor their effective functioning at the time of the same design, reducing or eliminating any errors or tolerances that may be created.

An example of a mechanical design using Solid Edge.

This modus operandi in addition allows you to tie your design data to enterprise computing systems, which will have a model of the product, or products, real-time to be able to calculate costs and benefits. Here, at this point, it becomes vitally important the collaboration with the technical departments of our customers, who can only entrust us with the design of products or components, in order to lighten the load of your team work.